Client references

Stan Heimburger, President of Heimburger & Company, began his consulting business in 1993 and has been actively involved in the pulp and paper industry since 1983.  He has written and presented over 50 technical papers and has assisted clients in development of patented technology .  We guarantee that the services we provide for our clients are professional, confidential, competitively priced and completed on a timely basis.  We would be pleased to assist your company in the future so please contact us to determine how we can help you and your business.

Services provided to Pulp & Paper companies:

Pulping and bleaching process development -  We provide access to a complete pulp and paper applications laboratory that includes the ability to:

-  Digester cook wood chips utilizing either Kraft or sulfite liquor

-  Refine wood chips utilizing an atmospheric refiner

-  Deink wastepaper and remove ink from fiber utilizing washing and/or flotation

-  Evaluate ECF and TCF bleaching processes on chemical fiber including stages utilizing oxygen, ozone, various alkalies for lignin extraction, hydrogen peroxide and chlorine dioxide

-  Evaluate hydrogen peroxide, sodium hydrosulfite and other oxidants and reducing agents to brighten mechanical and high yield pulp

-  Deinking, washing, flotation and bleaching of various types of wastepaper

-  Preparation of handsheets and complete optical and physical property testing according to industry standard methods

-  Mathematical modeling of printing & writing and packaging paper grade paper machines to identify approaches to minimize furnish costs while maintaining or exeeding quality specifications

Services provided to Supplier companies:

-  Pulp and paper testing in the laboratory as indicated above

-  On-site technical service ro assist in developing, auditing, optimizing pulp and paper accounts for chemical and equipment manufacturers

-  Preparation of training manuals and presentations to assist engineering and consturction companies