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We also assist with odor and corrosion control in municipal wastewater collection and with management of process by-product liquids and solids for beneficial reuse purposes.

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Heimburger & Company, Inc. was formed in July, 1993 and served the pulp & paper industry and its supplier companies for over twenty years. During this time, the company distinguished itself from other business and technology consultants by offering solutions tailored to meet pulping, bleaching or brightening and papermaking needs. Environmental quality (both to receiving waters and surrounding air in the communities where pulp & paper customers operated) became paramount from the mid 1990’s through the first ten years of the new millennium as government agencies such as the EPA and Environment Canada, developed legislation to safeguard the environment. It was great to be a part of this and interact with peers and clients globally to solve this important issue of the day from a technically-driven, business-focused direction.

At about the same time, the paper industry developed processes to pulp and brighten high-yield pulps (e.g. TMP, CTMP) and recycled paper pulps (made from newsprint, magazines or mixed office waste) due to market and legislation-driven forces throughout the world. Heimburger & Company, Inc., working directly for the pulp & paper industry as well as with suppliers of various pulping, bleaching and papermaking products and technologies, became deeply involved in this changing force as well. In particular, we became well-known for our published work on the use of hydrogen peroxide in both pulping and bleaching high-yield and recycled pulps and we played a direct role in helping papermakers around the globe achieve desired qualities in printing grade papers of many varieties desired at the time.

By 2010 however, it began to become clear that electronic communications (e-mail, on-line business transactions, e-magazines, etc.) and the hardware and software required to connect global sellers to buyers was going to quickly develop and displace paper-based products. At this point Heimburger & Company, Inc. began to focus its services on manufacturing industry needs for improvements in wastewater treatment processes to meet stricter guidelines from both environmental agencies and communities where operations took place. Early success in this area led company management to temporarily suspend operations of the company in 2014 and assume a full-time leadership role at a food manufacturing industry site (involving design, installation, start-up and optimization of a new two-stage aerobic biological treatment process including innovative treatment of biosolids to meet very restrictive permitting requirements). Success here led to full-time employment at a North American environmental solutions provider which has led to Heimburger & Company, Inc. being reborn again in late 2019 as a provider of solutions for treatment of wastewater to both industrial and municipal wastewater customers in the U.S. and Canada.
We invite you to join us to utilize technology and services that we will bring to wastewater, potable water and process water markets and work with us to enable industrial and municipal plan sites to operate cost-efficiently while at the same time minimizing and eventually eliminating harmful effects on the environment and life associated with it.


All Heimburger & Company solutions for municipal and industrial customers focus on either wastewater, drinking / potable water, non-potable recycled water or aqueous process streams and involve innovative process chemistry, filtration media and engineering and/or application services. Our goal is also to provide our customers with a desirable blend of cost-efficiency, environmental friendliness, employee hazard minimization and community acceptance. Some topics covering customer solutions that we can assist with, depending on need, are:

Wastewater (municipal and industrial)

  • Odor and corrosion control using innovative delivery of peroxygen chemistry in a collection system and headworks
  • Advanced oxidation of high-COD streams using peroxygen chemistry ahead of a treatment plant
  • Increased removal of fats, oils and greases and/or volatile organic oxidation with peroxygen chemistry enhancement of a Dissolved Gas Flotation process
  • On-demand supplemental dissolved oxygen utilizing addition of peroxygen chemistry ahead of an activated sludge aerobic biological reactor
  • Odor control of post-anaerobic stage sludge utilizing innovative dosing of a peroxygen chemical
  • Improved alkalinity control of activated sludge being recycled to primary and/or secondary treatment utilizing a low-cost, non-hazardous micronized calcium carbonate
  • Use of micronized calcium carbonate to replace sodium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide when neutralizing a low-pH stream ahead of a wastewater pretreatment process
  • Oxidation of sulfide in final effluent to meet permit of discharge to a POTW using peroxygen chemical rather than chlorine-based chemistry
  • Wet-weather disinfection of final effluent utilizing peracetic acid for improved control of pathogen destruction and operating cost following primary alternative disinfection process (UV or chemical-based)
  • Biogas preconditioning using innovative filtration media methodology

Drinking or Potable Water

  • Lower-cost source of calcium to add hardness to incoming water ahead of initial media filtration than calcium hydroxide
  • Addition of hydrogen peroxide following ozonation for destruction of residual ozone and water taste and odor control
  • Pretreatment of raw or filtered water with peracetic acid prior to disinfection to minimize generation of harmful BMPs (e.g. trihalomethanes)

Process Waters, including non-potable (municipal and industrial)

  • Municipal water reuse – assistance in implementing, maintaining and optimizing water being used for agricultural, commercial and/or residual irrigation
  • Municipal water reuse – assistance in implementing, maintaining and optimizing water for ponds or lakes in municipal parks and municipal or private golf courses
  • Beneficial reuse of petroleum refinery and petrochemical plant spent caustic
  • Solvent and amine recovery and reuse at petroleum refineries and chemical plants
  • Minimization of fresh alkali demand in pulp & paper and mining industries
  • Food and beverage industry fresh water minimization efforts through treated recycled water techniques (inclusive of RO, ED, UF and MF membranes)
  • Periodic cleaning of biofilm from industrial process cooling towers and media filters using peroxygen chemistry to recover heat transfer value and prolong media life (focusing on power generation and primary metal manufacturing sites)

Heimburger & Company also welcomes consultative work with engineering & construction companies and water treatment chemical & service providers who manage projects or continuing business with clients who operate potable water, wastewater and reuse water facilities, whether a municipal, government or industrial entity.

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Heimburger & Company, Inc. works very closely with select supplier partners to bring innovative products and services to our municipal wastewater, recycled and drinking water customers and as well utilize their products and expertise when serving our industrial wastewater and process water customers.

We have identified three (3) supplier partners and look forward to working with your company to introduce and optimize solutions to your address your needs that are cost-efficient, environmentally sound, employee-friendly and community-acceptable at your facility.

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Useful Process and Technology Documents

Please download the below process documents to review the process, products and technology that they addressed which could provide your community, employer, employees and management with improved operational efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, fewer by products and better reliability.

Please also check back periodically to this part of our website as more documents are added and further topics are addressed. Also note that future updates will feature product technical and safety data and further case studies (by subject) to enhance your understanding of technology that is available to assist your facility.



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