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Radian Chemicals is a privately owned company with corporate offices in Frisco, Texas and a recently established regional office in Blaine, WA (managed by Heimburger & Company, Inc.). Because we’re engineers, we understand how tough and time-consuming it can be to manage chemical products and wastewater. That’s why we’ve developed green solutions, including customizable on-site treatment plants, to get the job done faster, easier, and at lower cost. Since 2008, the company has supported clients in meeting their waste minimization and sustainability goals, keeping more than a million tons of off-spec products from being disposed of.

An innovative business model significantly reduces operating costs, making Radian Chemicals the low-cost provider. Included in our business model are:

  • Analyzing your by-product or wastewater steam and performing simulations to help you make the most economic and environmentally sound decision at no charge.
  • Matching your stream to a beneficial reuse application, either as a feedstock or refined product, for customers in the pulp and paper and metals mining and refining industries.
  • Managing logistics and transportation — direct from your facility to the consumer — and providing you with detailed reports at every step.

Beneficial Reuse Programs

  • Specialization is in the management of spent caustic streams generated in the petrochemical and refining industries. We reduce your operating costs through beneficial reuse: evaluating your product characteristics and managing the product to supplement raw materials in alternative reuse markets. Radian Chemicals will manage your spent caustic and eliminate any disposal costs associated with these products.
  • By identifying opportunities for the beneficial reuse of glycols, polyols and methanols, Radian Chemicals helps you reduce waste, earn RCRA waste exemptions through accredited consumers and avoid deep well injection or other off-site disposal costs.

On-site Skid-Mounted Processing Plants

  • By removing contaminants and converting toxic compounds to non-hazardous compounds, Radian Chemicals’ spent caustic processing plants allow caustic streams to be very palatable for wastewater consumption. Custom-designed systems use various technologies to separate and convert contaminants, including coagulation along with chemical and advanced oxidation technologies.
  • Our industrial and chemical engineers custom-design processing systems to lower operating costs by reducing market solvent procurement through regeneration of contaminated refinery, petrochemical plant and additional non-petroleum derived chemical plant process solvent streams, including glycols, polyols, methanol and amine streams.
  • Radian Chemicals helps you manage process water wisely. Our custom plants utilize chemical and advanced oxidation technologies to remove or convert contaminants to non-hazardous compounds, making high-COD retained water palatable for wastewater consumption or reuse.
  • All processing plants include a performance guarantee.

Please reach out to us via our Contact Form when you would like for us to begin finding ways to improve your process